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Where We Have Been Around the World

Where We Have Been Around the World

It’s easy to focus on the things we want to do in life and the places we want to go, but sometimes it’s exciting to look back at where we have been and reflect on what was important to us and how it may have changed us for the better.

Where We Have Been – Map

Where We Have Been

Where We Have Been – World Wonders

Howard Hillman has created a list of the top 100 “Wonders of the World”.  While the list is subjective, we think it provides an interesting starting point for a discussion of travel and what things are worth seeing.

We have visited 45 of the Top 100 Hillman Wonders.

Where We Have Been – Countries

We are often asked how many countries we’ve been to.  A good place to start a list of countries is with the UN.  The United Nations is a body of 192 sovereign and independent nation states.  The second most popular choice for lists would be the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  There are 205 members of the IOC.  The difference being, the IOC includes several non-independent countries such as Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.  An alternative approach and our choice, is a list of 324 places around the world produced by The Travelers Century Club (TCC).  The TCC explanation of a country is more extensive than just the members of the United Nations or the International Olympic Committee. The list also includes certain territories, enclaves and island groups, which are geographic, historic, and culturally distinct places. We use the list because of its value from a travel viewpoint and after all, how could we use a list that excludes Antarctica?

We have visited 65 of the Travelers Century Club list of 324 countries and territories.

Where We Have Been – UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Currently (October 2014) there are 1007 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more are being added every year. Going to see the Great Wall is much different than just setting foot in China. Seeing the Eiffel Tower is different than having a connection flight at Charles De Gaulle.  On the other hand, some countries have long histories and the sites to prove it.  In the long run, we like this list better than a country list because it represents unambiguous destinations with “outstanding universal value”.  Also, unlike countries, you don’t just zip through a World Heritage site.

We have currently visited 69 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list of 1007.