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Foreign Service Handshake

Our Foreign Service Handshake Story

Foreign Service Handshake – The Process As a Foreign Service Construction Engineer, every couple of years or so you get to pour your eyes over a list of places where you (and your family) could potentially spend the next 2, 3 or 4 years...

Petra Hiking Adventure

My Petra Hiking Adventure

My Petra Hiking Adventure I didn’t have a map for my Petra hiking adventure — my guidebook was lacking in any details—and Google Maps was out of the question.  With only a memory of a scene looking down on Petra’s Treasury, I had...

elf Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Self Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Last week I traveled to Sarajevo to support a new warehouse under construction. History was inescapable as I strolled through Old Town during the evenings and rented a car to self Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.