Grace on Pace

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Find ways to spend your time, not your money. If you like dancing, gymnastics, hockey, theater, skiing, or travel, considering becoming involved at a higher level. Coaching can be a great way to continue to do the things you love, without having to pony up the doe yourself. If you like to travel, how about volunteering for an international NGO? Chances are you will end up having a worthwhile experience and meet some fantastic people along the way.

Worth Waiting For

First of all, the tale gate had to be propped up by a stick, setting a mousetrap style guillotine for anyone who accidentally bumps it.

Getting Dirty

On the second bottle of rum, I decide to join the dance competition up on stage. The announcer couldn’t get my name right but it felt good hearing Jack chanted during my routine.

Tourism vs. Traveling in Honduras

Sunday January 14 – We all woke up around 6:30 Am, excited about getting back to the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Cuero y Salado, to meet are boat.  The night before had been spent researching jaguars, howler monkeys, white face monkeys...

Learning the Ropes

Frustrated with MAMUCA, we went out for lunch to a local buffet restaurant here in La Ceiba. I couldn’t pass up the cow tongue, but everyone else found the will.