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Travel Gear

Travel Gear

Travel Gear

When we first began to travel, one thing which consumed a lot of our time, was finding the right travel gear.  What to bring is certainly an important consideration for any trip, so hopefully we can help by reducing your time working on it.

We are big believers in packing light.  Its safer, cheaper, and often times much less stressful.  I mean, who wants to waste time at the baggage claim or stress about things being broken or stolen?  If something has been in our bag for more than a month without using it, we usually get rid of it.  After all, the only thing you really need to pack is money, a passport, and a good attitude.  The more trips you take, the less you will worry about what is in my bag and eventually you will have your own list of essentials.

All the products listed below are the ones we use when we travel.

Bags / Luggage

It has taken a long time to find bags we are comfortable with.  As we have gotten serious about photography, we have settled on a dedicated backpack for our camera and electronics.  The Timbuk2 Camera Backpack is great for our lenses, laptop, and other accessories.  As for our main backpack, landing on the Osprey Kestrel 48 Liter backpack took many years of traveling with a bag either too big or too small.  We feel the 48 liter is ideal for any length trip.  If it doesn’t fit in 48 liters, you don’t need it.  Most recently, we have been traveling with a Eagle Creek Warrior Duffel 32 as well, for all of Esmei’s needs.  The wheels are great, when we are carrying the other packs on our back.

Timbuk2 Camera Backpack

Osprey Kestrel 48 Liter

Eagle Creek Duffel 32


Chaco Nikolai Flip Sandal


Wallaroo Men’s Havana

ExOfficio Ziwa Conversion Pant


Camera’s & Accessories

Nikon D3300 Digital SLR

Canon PowerShot S110

Nikon 55-300mm Zoom Lens


Quik Pod Extendable Pole

Samson Wireless Microphone