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A traveler sees what he finds, a tourist finds what he has come to see.

elf Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Self Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Last week I traveled to Sarajevo to support a new warehouse under construction. History was inescapable as I strolled through Old Town during the evenings and rented a car to self Drive Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.

Netherlands Trip to the Randstad Belt

Netherlands Trip to Randstad Belt

With over 110 monuments and museums in the Netherlands, that commemorate America’s role in its liberation, I couldn’t help but imagine the possibility I could be retracing my grandfather’s steps.

Our 10 Favorite Historical Places

Everyone views splendor in different ways. What one person considers beautiful may be completely different to another. Our favorite historical places are, in their own right, beautiful. Consisting of everything from individual monuments and...