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Baby Number Two

“Baby Number Two” – To Our Second Child Louisa Wren

You’re not our first; that much is true.
We loved another in front of you.
We are different parents this time around.
More composed and self-assured we’ve found.
With your sister, everything was new.
We were fixated on her every move.
Each day was photographed.
We listened to hours of her laugh. 
Since you came, there’s a new dimension.
Two kids now need our attention.
And occasionally you’re left in your chair,
while we tend to your sister over there.
We cannot watch your every move.
Or, when you cry out, lurch to soothe.
We don’t panic every time you sneeze,
And then spend hours on WebMD.
Your strollers and clothes are hand-me-downs
some toys may have lost their sounds.
There’s less concern if your blanket’s itchy,
And your baby books may be a little patchy. 
We know what the next months have in store.
And each stage you reach, we’ve seen before.
This doesn’t mean we adore you less.
This time the feeling’s more complex. 
We’re content to see you learn and grow,
But it also pulls our heartstrings so.
We were so thrilled first time around.
This time we want to slow things down. 
Your ‘firsts’ will all be ‘lasts’ for us.
Last crawl and last to ride the bus.
Final binky, breastfeed, spoon of mush.
Last rock-to-sleep, last cry to hush.
You were not our firstborn this is true,
But the last child we will have is you.
You’re the last lullaby we’ll ever sing.
And ‘lasts’ are a special kind of thing.
 Love Mom & Dad

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