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Our 10 Favorite Travel Blogs

Subscribers often ask us what blogs we enjoy reading. The web is full of inspiration to travel better and satiate our wanderlust, but it can be difficult to wade through sponsored content and find the gems.  Cutting right to the chase, below are blogs we’ve found amusing, insightful, inspirational, and beautifully written:

Capture 210. Time Travel Turtle

Michael’s blog/website has some of the best content and design on the web.  His background in the industry allows him to feature a newspaper travel page that speaks to the masses.  His emphasis is on the writing, but the photography is eye-catching in a daring in an uninhibited nature most travelers won’t dare.

Capture 19. Roads and Kingdoms

A travel blog we all want to write, combining up-to-date reporting on current events and politics with cultural observations, engrossing photography, and excellent narratives.Capture8. Classe Touriste

David and Debbie look for hard-to-reach places like Bhutan and North Korea to capture amazing photos and blog about beautiful snippets of life on the go.

Shannon left for a year long round the world trip in 2008 and hasn’t stopped traveling yet.  Her travels inspire and offer advice for others taking round the world trips, while minimizing the negative impact of travel on the environment.  Most importantly, Shannon includes volunteering during her travels.

Capture 46. Fluent In 3 Months

Benny is an Irishman who has travels to different countries learning the local language. His inspiring pursuit and method of learning enables people to gain fluency quicker than other more traditional methods of traditional instruction and use of input based learning.

Capture 55. 3rd Culture Children

A blog which details the lives of a family of five living around the world. Its an exceptional Foreign Service related blog for parents who are wondering what the overseas experience will be like for their children.

Capture 64. Monkeys and Mountains

Laurel’s search of outdoor adventures and off-beat experience is a great read through and through, with fantastic photos and an optimistic outlook underlying the things she encounters.

Capture 73. Camels & Chocolate

A travel blog of professional travel writer Kristin Luna.  An incredibly well written site with plenty of tales to tell her subscribers.

Capture 82. Adventures in Good Countries

A spicy single female public diplomacy officer who blogs with a very creative style. Her humor and down to earth approach to foreign affairs as a Foreign Service Officer is a fantastic insight into the trials and tribulations of living a life abroad.

Capture 91. The Passport Stamp Collector

Completely bias, as we have only frequented this blog due to its parallels to our life as a construction engineer in the Foreign Service.  Greg does a great job profiling the steps of the application process and was a tremendous resource while our life was in limbo.

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